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Security of Dangerous Goods

Training of all persons involved in the Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Legal Requirement: ADR and the UK Domestic Regulations have incorporated a new security provision in chapter 1.10 of ADR. All persons involved in the carriage of dangerous goods shall consider the security requirements commensurate with their responsibilities, in addition there are extra requirements for those persons involved in the transport of High Consequence Dangerous Goods.

Course Content

The Course consists of a Core requirement for all persons consisting of:

  • Security Training
  • Security Regulations
  • Implementation
  • Driver Security
  • Park Safely
  • Documentation
  • Dangerous Load Card
  • High Consequence Dangerous Goods
  • Concealment Theft
  • Drivers Check List
  • Assessing the Threat
  • Terrorists
  • Terrorists Aims
  • 9-11
  • Role of DfT and TRANSEC
  • Organisations & Legislation

For Supervisors and Managers the Course will consist of the following extra elements:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Restricting/Controlling Access
  • Assets
  • Depot Security/Premises
  • Storage of loaded vehicles
  • Security Equipment
  • Recruitment/Contractors
  • Suspicious Circumstances
  • Access Control
  • Pass Procedures
  • Standards for effective Search
  • Search equipment
  • VOSA - Security Inspection Form
  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Security Plan

In addition, on both courses, all attendees will receive a booklet covering the key points and also a certificate on completion.

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