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Other Consultancy

Chemfreight DGT offer consultancy and help in these areas-

1. Acting as Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers

If appointed as DGSAs, Chemfreight DGT will ensure that Client Companies are-

  • Advised of the key points of the Regulations which apply to their transport operations
  • Kept informed about all future changes to the Regulations
  • Assisted in the preparation and issue of procedures and instructions to Operating Staff
  • Supplied with an annual report, and incident reports, as required by the Regulations
  • Advised on dangerous goods training for Staff, and on keeping training records

Chemfreight DGT will ask Clients to confirm periodically that they have procedures and instructions in place, and that they are being routinely monitored. A DGSA will visit the Client once a year for a general review, and to compile information for the annual report.

2. Providing Company Training Packs

Apart from providing dangerous goods training directly, Chemfreight DGT also help Clients to set up their own training.

This is particularly valuable for Clients who operate at a number of widespread Sites, with new Staff joining all the time, where it would be difficult to get enough Staff together at one time and at one place to make up a viable external Course.

Chemfreight DGT write the training material, including Instructor Notes, Student handouts, projector slides, writen tests, etc. They then take the Client Instructors through a training day to show them the material, and advise them on presentation to their Staff.

The Packs are mostly based on the Movement of Dangerous Goods Course described above.

3. Providing an information service on dangerous goods

Chemfreight DGT provide a free query service for Clients on all matters to do with the handling, storage, and movement of dangerous goods by all transport modes.

Client Staff can ring us at any time with queries, and get the answers back by phone, fax, or email right away.