ADR Driver Courses

Basic Course

The Courses are constructed from a series of Sections-

* Core, which teaches the basics for working with all types of dangerous goods

* Tanks, for dangerous goods in road tankers and tank containers

* Packages, for dangerous goods in packages, apart from Explosives and Radioactives

* Nine Class Sections, for a knowledge of the UN danger Classes

As a minimum, the Driver has to take the Core Section, the Tanks or Packages Section, and one Class Section-but see Explosives and Radioactives later.

The Sections are run regularly at the Chemfreight DGT Centres at Runcorn, Bristol and Essex, with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) examinations taken together at the end. Courses can also be set up for Companies in any other UK location where suitable facilities are available.

The general Course for Core, Packages, Tanks, and all Classes except Explosives and Radioactives takes 5 days.

See also The Driver CPC Course.

Packages only Course

The ADR Certificate must be held by Drivers when moving dangerous goods in packages under regulation in road vehicles (marked vehicles). A Course for Core, Packages, and all Classes except Explosives and Radioactives takes three and a half days.

Drivers of vehicles not above the exemption threshold (unmarked vehicles) are required by law to have some training, if not the full ADR Certificate. These Drivers can do Core and Packages in two days on a general Course, take a test at the end, and gain a Chemfreight DGT Training Certificate.

Explosives and Radioactives Courses

For these Classes, Drivers take the Core, and then the Explosives or Radioactives Sections. They do not have to take the Packages Section. The Core takes one and a half days, and Explosives and Radioactives take a day each, to give two and a half days in total for the one Course or the other.

For Explosives, the Driver must hold the ADR Certificate. If you have an Attendant they must have specialist commensurate training for explosives.

Refresher Course

The ADR Certificate lasts five years, and the Sections on the Certificate can be renewed by a Refresher Course taken at any time during the last year, but not later than four weeks before the expiry date. The Refresher takes two and a half days, as against five days for the Initial Course, but the examinations at the end are the same. If a Driver fails any of these, he must take that Initial Section again.

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