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Chemfreight Dangerous Goods Training started Courses in October 1998 to prepare candidates for the Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Examinations. At the same time, all Chemfreight Instructors became qualified as DGSAs, as it had become clear that not every company would be able or willing to spare individuals for the somewhat arduous training and examination process, the Regulations allow employers to appoint qualified DGSAs from outside their organisation.

Consultancy service

Chemfreight will act for any Company who wishes to appoint our experienced staff as their DGSA. We will then ensure that Client Companies are-

  • Advised of the key points of the Regulations which apply to their transport operations, supplied with summaries of these, and kept informed about all future changes to the Regulations.
  • Supplied with sample procedures and instructions for their Operating Staff.
  • Supplied with an annual report, and incident reports, as required by the Regulations.


When the service is established, Chemfreight will ask the Client to confirm periodically, that they have procedures and instructions in place for key operations, and that they are being routinely monitored as part of the line management function. These would include checks on vehicle documentation, marking, equipment, maintenance, etc.

Information service

All Chemfreight Clients are offered a free general information service on dangerous goods, and on the applicable Regulations, and this service is therefore automatically extended to Consultancy Clients. Staff can ring us at any time with queries, and get the answers back right away.

Clients can call on individual DGSAs for further assistance on longer-term problems at any time during working hours, and one of the DGSAs is available on the phone at all hours to deal with emergencies.

DGSA consultants will compile information for the annual report towards the end of the year visits would only be made in the event of major incidents or infringements. By restricting visits, the costs of the consultancy to the client can be minimised, and the fees become affordable.

Chemfreight DGT are Quality Assured to ISO 9001-2000

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