ADR Training Workshop


The current ADR 2015 Regulations contains a provision for the training of personnel in relation to their responsibilities for the road transport of dangerous goods between the contracting parties of ADR.

The one-day course is especially designed to teach the layout of the 2015 ADR rules for the transfrontier ship-ment of dangerous goods by road in Europe.

Course Content

Part 1 General provisions

Part 2 Classification

Part 3 Dangerous goods list, special provisions and exemptions related to dangerous goods packed in limited quantities

Part 4 Packing and tank provisions

Part 5 Consignment procedures

Part 6 Requirements for the construction and testing of packaging, intermediate bulk containers (IBC's), large packaging and tanks

Part 7 Provisions concerning the conditions of carriage, loading, unloading and handling

Part 8 Requirements for vehicle crews, equipment, operation and documentation

Part 9 Requirements concerning the construction and approval of vehicles

The course is based mostly on the text of ADR, each student must therefore have a copy of the Regulations to work from, either bringing their own 2015 Regulations or by purchasing a set from Chemfreight at cost.

Each student will also receive a course booklet as a comprehensive guide to ADR.

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